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The best graffiti removers on the planet

At Graffiti Solutions Canada we want to solve your graffiti problems. We bring over 25 years of graffiti removal expertise and 10 years of supplying graffiti removal products to the table. We have also set up programs for some cities and companies to help them in their war on graffiti. We hope to be able to do the same for you. Let us become your solution for graffiti removal as our other customers have done.

Graffiti Solutions Canada is a company which specializes in the distribution and usage training of graffiti removal products. We started out 25 years ago as a pressure wash company and in 1995 we ended up with most of the graffiti removal contracts with the school boards in the Ottawa region. Realizing that most of the products on the market were not performing very well as well as being a serious health hazard we developed some of our own that worked better and safer. In 2006 we received many calls about the taggers spraying asphalt undercoating onto many surfaces, so we created Undercoat & Metallic Paint Blaster. Then we were asked for a faster and more efficient smooth surface product. Thus, we created Citrus Blast which does removals in as quickly as 30 seconds in most cases. Citrus Blast is very effective but gentle on most hard smooth surfaces such as signs and factory painted surfaces. We also developed a new porous surface product, Porous Surface Blaster, which works on more paints and does exceptionally well against marking pen. It works very effectively on play ground equipment. Rhino Blast is a thickened, highly effective and very well priced porous surface graffiti remover. Our newest additions are the first products of their kind in the graffiti removal world: Cleansweep One controls the whitening effect on stone from high PH graffiti removals. Cleansweep Two helps in smooth surface clean-ups and those hard to remove knots of paint. Cleansweep Three is the best all-round general cleaner in existence today. All of these new products are very well priced especially considering their exceptional performance. Also we carry RV & Deckwash, which is a modified, citrus-based, biodegradable product, designed to clean everything from RVs to decks. Call us to find out about its many uses. We carry a stone and aluminum cleaner that we call Aluminum Brightener.

Our products contain no phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons or products known to cause health or disposal problems. Most of the products can be wiped off with recycled cloths. We don't use spray cans with CFC's. We also use less product than anybody else on the planet to get the job done.

Our goal is to restore surfaces to their original form and appearance by keeping ahead of the graffiti taggers and the damage they cause by their pseudo artwork.